Karen's Wishlist

Here are the usual ways and means of finding something I want. If you would like me to forward a wishlist to you, or have any questions about something on here, feel free to e-mail me at sparrowskit@hotmail.com.

Gift Cards:

If you want to give me a gift card, I prefer: Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us, or the all-purpose American Express gift cards (even though they're a pain and a half to use at registers).

Online Wishlists:

Barnes and Noble - I'm a Barnes and Noble member, so B&N gift cards are always appreciated. The online wishlist is empty, because I usually keep everything on the Amazon.com list, and then see which site has a better price.

Amazon.com - under the name Karen Momorella or the E-mail sparrowskit@hotmail.com. There are two wishlists - one for DVD's and one for everything else. PLEASE pay attention to the priority ratings I give each item. Things ranked "Highest" or "High" are the ones I want most. Things ranked "Lowest" are only there to remind me they exist... it's not something I necessarily want right now.

DVDplanet.com - This wishlist is only accessible through my account. I also have the movies here listed under my Amazon.com DVD wishlist, but they are often cheaper at DVD Planet.

Dick Blick Art Supplies - My favorite art supply store now has a wishlist! Yay! Search for Momorella, Hatboro, PA or send me an e-mail and I can forward the link to you.


What I Want: Where to Find It:
Folding Posture Chair
Improvements catalog
My boxspring is dead, so I'm thinking about switching to a platform bed. I'd like something like these, but I'll probably end up making it myself rather than buy it:
Platform bed from Wal*Mart


(Full size, preferably the white finish)

White Bookcase Headboard (Full size)

Furniture Direct


The Pen and Ink are just for fun, but those storyboard pads would be awesome fro schoolwork:
True Writer Fountain Pen, Blue, Fine point
Classic Ink Six Pack
Storyboard Notepads