About Me

I like puppies and running water and elves and purple.  Oh, and ice cream.

I also like telling stories, whether it’s through comics, poetry, illustrations, animations, or the layout of a website.  I believe that art loses its meaning when it fails to convey a message.  So, whenever I put pencil to paper, my goal is to deliver a story – from what a character is feeling to what a business card says about its company. 

This is my story.

All my life I’ve been drawing, but it’s only recently that I’ve started making a career out of it.  In fact, I started out in high school as a linguist, with a bit of theater and stage crew on the side.  Back then, I amassed an impressive collection of horrifically untalented schoolbook doodles ranging from marginal to full-page glory.  I fell in love with Japanese animation and comic art, and I also began making my own historical and fantasy costumes.

In college, I became a scientist, with the intention of teaching. My studies were centered around chemistry, but veered toward archaeology and social studies more often than not.  I remember being profoundly glad I wasn’t one of the perpetually worn-out Graphic Design students lugging portfolios larger than themselves all across campus. Still, if there’s ever a significant market for full-color molecules and geological cross-sections, I’m there. 

By the time I graduated, I had also developed a growing interest in game design and film.  I didn’t have a lot of experience in any one area, so I took to retail and wound up designing merchandise displays and giving creative demonstrations in a craft and garden store.

Nowadays I’m selling video games and movies, in a effort to keep up with the industry as I take courses in animation and game art.  I’m still doing illustrations and websites on the side, so you can always e-mail me to see if I’m currently available for commissions.  I officially opened Little Sparrow Studios in April 2007 to showcase my projects – past and present – and to provide a home for a variety of creative collaborations my network of evil friends and I share.